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Buying Time

“Thank you for buying us the time to say goodbye.” No one had ever said that to me before, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. My patient had just passed away at far too young an age. I hadn’t been able to diagnose the problem killing them in the brief time they were my […]
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Big Bad Beards and 5 Reasons You Gotta’ Have One!

It’s Labor Day Weekend, and you know what that means? It’s the ceremonial end to another great summer. Fall is nearly upon us, which means college football, one last camping trip, autumn-scented candles and leaves changing colors. Oh, and your social media feeds are soon to be chock-full of everyone and their mother posting selfies […]
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The Art of Eliminating “No”

I have three kids. I say ‘no’ a lot. A whole lot. Probably too much. So, I decided I wanted to try to say it less. But, when I found myself challenged with the task of avoiding saying ‘no’ for one whole week, I wondered how in the hell I’m going to pull such a […]
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Budgets Are For Losers (who have money)

“Can we afford it?” I hate that question. Being the one in my family who spends the most amount of time monitoring our finances (my wife isn’t nearly the spreadsheet nerd that I am), I’m asked that question often, and there is never an easy answer. When someone in the family asks me that question, […]
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How to punch a dead man in the chest . . . and end up a hero!

If you don’t know CPR, you should learn. It’s cheap, easy, and may save someone’s life someday. Having said that, did you know that CPR success stories – in general – are rare? In fact, the likelihood of someone having sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, receiving CPR and walking out of the hospital […]
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